December 22, 2014



The Wheat Farmer / Row Crop Farmer Newsletter – Jan 2018  $5.00

• Stem Rust Research/Defense
• Winter Wheat Survival
• Agronomist Field Notes
• Poultry Litter Management
• KSU Sun owers Tests
• CSU Sun owers Tests
• DSM Sun ower Top Picks
• Field Notes: Kyrgyzstan
• Periodical Edition Guide
• Top Ten Agricultural Law and Tax Developments of 2017

The Wheat Farmer / Row Crop Farmer Newsletter – Feb 2018 $5.00

• Topdressing with nitrogen on wheat
• Agronomist Field Notes
• New Requirements: Corn, Sorghum
• Forage Options After Corn
• Preplant Nitrogen Strategy
• Deductible “Research” Expenses For a Farmer and Claiming the Research and Development Credit

The Wheat Farmer / Row Crop Farmer Newsletter – Mar 2018 $5.00

• Top-Seeded Wheat Varieties, KS
• Top-Seeded Wheat Varieties, CO
• Agronomist Field Notes
• Drought-Tolerant Corn
• Grain Sorghum Weed Control
• Tax Issues When Forming A C Corporation

The Wheat Farmer / Row Crop Farmer Newsletter – Apr 2018 $5.00

• Diagnosing Freeze Damage
• Oklahoma Wheat Diseases
• Agronomist Field Notes
• Preemergence Corn Programs
• Corn Starter Rates
• Winter Canola Freeze Response
• Cotton Acres
• Corn Planting Conditions
• No-Till Burndown ahead of Beans
Ag-Related Provisions in the Omnibus Spending Bill

The Wheat Farmer / Row Crop Farmer Newsletter – May 2018 $5.00
  • Wheat Disease Observations
  •  Wheat Quality Council Crop Tour
  • Agronomist Field Notes
  • Managing Herbicide Resistance
  • Early Corn Seedling Pathogens
  • Soybean Row Spacing and Yield
  • SCA Resistant Hybrids
  • Soybean Inoculation/Nodulation
  • Managing Foliar Fungal Disease
  • Qualified Business Income Deduction — Application to Agricultural Producers
The Wheat Farmer / Row Crop Farmer Newsletter – June 2018 $5.00
  • New Wheat Aphid
  • Harvesting Short Wheat
  • Agronomist Field Notes
  • Impacts of Volunteer Corn
  • Rangeland Noxious Weed
  • pH and Herbicide Uptake
  • The New Tax Law and Its Impact on College Savings Plans, Estates and Trusts
 The Wheat Farmer / Row Crop Farmer Newsletter – July 2018

  • Post Harvest Weed Control• CSU Variety Trials• OSU Variety Trials• Agronomist Field Notes• Fungicide for Gray Leaf Spot• Managing Stressed Corn• Scouting Sugarcane Aphid

    • Kansas Corn Yield Contest 

    • The Use of a Buy-Sell Agreement for Transitioning a Business

 The Wheat Farmer / Row Crop Farmer Newsletter – Aug 2018

  • Starter Fertilizers for Wheat
  • Disease, Insects, Planting Wheat
  • KSU Wheat Yields
  • OSU Wheat Yields
  • CSU Wheat Yields
  • Texas Wheat Yields
  • Improve Your Corn Harvest
  • Weed Control
  • Ag Apps Review
  • New Kansas Noxious Weed Laws
 The Wheat Farmer / Row Crop Farmer Newsletter – Sept 2018

• Agronomist Field Notes
• Wheat Protein and Fertilizer
• Cracking the Wheat Genome
• Nitrate Levels and Wheat Yields
• Estimating Sorghum Yields
• Canola Options
• Manure Applications
• Ag Employment – Verifying The Legal Status of Employees

 The Wheat Farmer / Row Crop Farmer Newsletter – Oct 2018

• Agronomist Field Notes
• Wheat News
• Green Stem Syndrome in Beans
• Late-Season Purpling
• Fall Soil Sampling
• Eliminating Capital Gain Tax — Qualified Opportunity Zones

 The Wheat Farmer / Row Crop Farmer Newsletter – Nov 2018

National Wheat Yield Contest
• Agronomist Field Notes
• The Bt trait table for U.S. corn
• Options for damaged beans
• CSU Corn Variety Trials
• KSU Corn Variety Trials
• DSM Corn Top Picks
• Fall anhydrous application
• Soybean seed treatment
Chapter 12 Bankruptcy and the Tools-of-the-Trade Exemption

 The Wheat Farmer / Row Crop Farmer Newsletter – Dec 2017

•Mustards in Wheat
• Agronomist Field Notes
• Setting up On-Farm Trials
• Kansas Soybean Tests
• Colorado Soybean Tests
• FIRST Soybean Tests
• DSM Top Picks: Soybeans
• Kansas Sorghum Tests
• Colorado Sorghum Tests
• DSM Top Picks: Grain Sorghum
• Grazing Cover Crops
• IRS To Finalize Regulations On Tax Status of LLC and LLP Members?


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