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The Wheat Farmer/Row-Crop Farmer newsletter is a monthly publication covering crop production information in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska and Colorado.

Wheat Varieties for Kansas and the Great Plains—Your Best Choices has been the annual bible on wheat varieties since 1987. You’ll find objective ratings and yield results on all the current wheat varieties for Kansas, Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle, southern Nebraska, and eastern Colorado. Our ratings reflect the combined judgments of not just one expert, but of the top public and private wheat breeders, agronomists, and plant pathologists from Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, and Colorado.

Field Notes

April 2020 Conditions:

With adequate moisture across the region, and warming temperatures, the Wheat Crop 2020 is making significant gains. However, early spring freeze may have landed damage — time will tell the extent of that damage. Warming temps also means leaf spotting diseases made themselves present toward the southern part of the region, and leaf spotting diseases are making their presence felt in Oklahoma, — not surprising given the temperature and moisture experience this year in Oklahoma, says OSU Extension Wheat Pathologist Bob Hunger. For more information, visit

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