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The Wheat Farmer/Row-Crop Farmer newsletter is a monthly publication covering crop production information in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska and Colorado.

Wheat Varieties for Kansas and the Great Plains—Your Best Choices has been the annual bible on wheat varieties since 1987. You’ll find objective ratings and yield results on all the current wheat varieties for Kansas, Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle, southern Nebraska, and eastern Colorado. Our ratings reflect the combined judgments of not just one expert, but of the top public and private wheat breeders, agronomists, and plant pathologists from Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, and Colorado.

Field Notes

December 2019 Conditions:

Winter wheat development remains stifled in much of the readership area — dry in places, followed by very cold temps, and cold, dry wind. The impact was delayed emergence and establishment of winter wheat in some areas. In these places especially, winter moisture could make a noticeable difference.

As illustrated from the NOAA Climate Prediction Center (map on front page of December issue), winter moisture is more likely to fall toward the north than south. In lieu of waiting for precipitation, farmers have quite a few opportunities to attend conferences, clinics, and crop schools across the region. Crop production clinics are widely available via Extension services in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Colorado. These events often feature research updates and information tailored to regional crop issues, cropping system management, extreme weather impact on agriculture, soil nutrition, irrigation, pest management, and marketing. Check your local extension events calendars for more information.

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