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Wheat Varieties for Kansas and the Great Plains — Your Best Choices Annual Book
Wheat seed producers:Don’t miss out on the one chance every year to advertise in the book wheat farmers read again and again—Wheat Varieties for Kansas and the Great Plains, the annual guide to wheat varieties.
•Widely read and respected by farmers in Kansas, Oklahoma, and the Central Plains.
•Published since 1987. Nothing else even compares!
•The book every professional wheat farmer keeps handy – all year long!
•Publication date: August 10 of every year
•Ad closing date: July 15 of every year
•Press run: 4,000 – sells out nearly every year!
The Wheat Farmer / Row-Crop Farmer Monthly Newsletter

Advertising Rates + Editorial Calendar: The Wheat Farmer/Row-Crop Farmer

The monthly publication where “Wheat Comes First”.  The authoritative publication on wheat production and varieties for farmers in Kansas, northern Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle, and eastern Colorado.

•Published monthly since 1994
•Circulation averages about 2,600 wheat farmers and agribusinesses per month

Special issues:
•July: New wheat variety preview
•July: Preliminary report on current harvest and variety performance
•August: Final K-State, Oklahoma State University, and Texas A&M yield data. Discussion of varieties. Planting date, seeding rate, and other preplant wheat production recommendations.
•September: First crop condition reports of the new season
•November: Corn hybrids December: Grain sorghum hybrids and soybean varieties
•December: Grain sorghum hybrids and soybean varieties

Contact us by e-mail or call us: 844.643.0170